TTN Valentine’s “Will You Be My Swolemate?” Event

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----------- Valentine's Day -----------

A day centered around L-O-V-E! Love for one another and love for oneself.

Thank you to all that attended "Will You Be My Swolemate?" I wanted to put together an event for those to experience what makes To The Nines: activities that help you look and feel your best. What better way to celebrate the holiday than with an exclusive TTN partner workout for you and yours (friend or significant other), great tunes, and good-for-you food to fuel you after your exercise!

I would also like to thank the amazing sponsors!

  1. The healthy dinner and delicious parfaits (loved the addition of the chia and sunflower seeds!) were from Pure Gourmet Meals. PROMO: New customers get 10% off your first full order! Email:
  2. The superfood bars were provided by Wipala. They can be found at local health food stores and coffee shops listed on their website. They can also be found on Amazon.
  3. The probiotic-rich kombucha on tap was from Bayou City Bucha. My favorite is their refreshing Soul Cider, which is made with green apples and cucumber! This can be found at Cafeza, Bebidas, and all Nourish locations.
  4. The two gift cards were provided by Healing Waters, a floatation therapy spa where you can truly relax your body, mind, and soul. It is one of my favorite places to go, when I need to de-stress and focus. PROMO: Use my code "ToTheNines" to receive 15% off an hour or 90 minute float! Expires 3/15/18.
  5. The cute space is Local Office, and it just opened two months ago! You can rent an office, a desk, or their new event space, which will launch later this month. From experience, it is a great place to get work done! Take a tour and try it out for a day. Your first day is free. PROMO: Mention "ToTheNines" for one month free on your 12-month term lease!

Here are some photos from the event!

TTNSwolemate7 (Medium).jpg

Y’all came ready to work!

TTNSwolemate6 (Medium).jpg

To The Nines by Teresa Thuy Nguyen

TTNSwolemate34 (Medium).jpg

They're excited to work out TTN style!

TTNSwolemate47 (Medium).jpg

Carnations for everyone

TTNSwolemate33 (Medium).jpg

Wanted to give flowers to show my admiration of love for yourself! Two for you, Phyllis!

TTNSwolemate32 (Medium).jpg

My LOVE HIIT playlist is up. Paige and I are ready to get this party started!

TTNSwolemate30 (Medium).jpg

Getting everyone warmed up for the partner workout!

TTNSwolemate28 (Medium).jpg

Demonstrating the first one! Marty should be moving his legs. :)

TTNSwolemate27 (Medium).jpg


TTNSwolemate26 (Medium).jpg

Climbing mountains.

TTNSwolemate14 (Medium).jpg

Gerardo and Yvonne are ready for the next one!

TTNSwolemate20 (Medium).jpg


TTNSwolemate19 (Medium).jpg

I like to call this the Kid ‘n Play.

TTNSwolemate25 (Medium).jpg

Next partner workout!

TTNSwolemate22 (Medium).jpg

Core engagement activated.

TTNSwolemate24 (Medium).jpg


TTNSwolemate17 (Medium).jpg

Teamwork gets that bicycle moving!

TTNSwolemate16 (Medium).jpg

Grab your partner.

TTNSwolemate12 (Medium).jpg

Diana trying to mentally prepare for the next exercise.

TTNSwolemate10 (Medium).jpg

Last workout: “Cupid Shuffle”!

TTNSwolemate9 (Medium).jpg

Time to stretch it out.

TTNSwolemate11 (Medium).jpg

Woo! Done!

TTNSwolemate8 (Medium).jpg

Anahi picking up her Pure Gourmet Meals!

TTNSwolemate2 (Medium).jpg

Some of the treats!

TTNSwolemate0004 (Medium).jpg

Thank you to Danny from Bayou City Bucha!

TTNSwolemate13 (Medium).jpg

Local Office babes: Paige and Lida!

TTNSwolemate43 (Medium).jpg

My sister, Diana, and brother-in-law, Mauricio, made it out!

TTNSwolemate38 (Medium).jpg

Look at these swole folks: Gerardo, Yvonne, Fabian, Anahi, Evelin, Susie, Marco, and Marty

TTNSwolemate37 (Medium).jpg

Thank you for showing up, swolemates!

Photographer - Joel

Bottoms - Ellie (February outfit)

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Teresa Thuy