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Why did you start your blog?

I have a passion for helping others and teaching. I worked at Sephora (where I received certifications in Fragrance, Beauty, and Skincare and loved helping clients find what they needed, while helping them feel confident in their skin!) in college, gained a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition, and attained my certification in Group Fitness Instruction last year! I want to share this knowledge and inspire others to love themselves, to love one another, and to live each day feeling To The Nines, or TTN.

What does To The Nines mean?

It means: to the highest degree. When a person is well dressed, he/she may be described as being dressed "to the nines". Feeling TTN starts from within, so I love myself and show love to others. I like to start my day with a workout and healthy breakfast and wear something that I feel beautiful in. Everyone has a personal take on what makes him/her look and feel his/her best. Be your version of To The Nines.



Teresa Thuy