Changing the Beauty Norms in the “H” Podcast


Troy is a warm-hearted free spirit that shares insight about life every time I see her. We chat for hours, and I leave gaining fresh perspectives. She asked to interview me for her podcast, POS GODS, where she talks about positivity. I did not know what she was going to ask me, but I delved into growing up with a traditional Asian family, breaking the norm, leaving my 9-5, and keeping a positive mindset. She asked me questions I hadn’t really thought of the answers.

Take a listen below. Can you relate to any of what we talked about?

Teresa Changing the Beauty Norms in the “H”

Thank you so much, Troy, for having me on your podcast! I enjoyed recording this episode with you.

Also, thanks so much for listening! I have plans to start my own podcast channel!! EXCITING. Sign up for my newsletter, and you will be the first to know of my very first episode. :)

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Teresa Thuy