Triathlete Status


I competed in the Never Quit race once again. A race done completely on the beach. This year, I challenged myself and registered for the trident, a triathlon that started with a 3.1 mile run followed by a quarter of a mile swim and topped off with a 1500 meter paddle on a surfboard. Sounds enticing, right? It is the only triathlon of its kind that replaces the typical bike ride with a paddle. I nearly drowned during the swim, especially since I trained in the pool and not the ocean. After a few panic attacks midst doggy paddle, I realized I could swim on my side and my back like my coach (Thanks, Jimmy!) had told me. I FINISHED! One thing checked off my '30 before 30' list. :)


I had to find a top that would be ideal for battling the surf and turf. The Water Bound Bra is made of a sweat-wicking, swim fabric that kept me dry during my run, and I didn't have to worry about it budging in the rough waters. Totally beats my string bikinis and bandeaus! I can wear this while I paddleboard, kayak, and run. Score! This was made for a girl like me that loves the outdoors.


Top - lululemon | Bottoms - Old Navy | Kicks - Nike Zoom Structure (Now on sale for $90!)

My surfboard is not pictured. :)

Hmm...which race will I conquer next?


Teresa Thuy