Review : Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions


I had such a great time attending The Makeup Show in Orlando this past weekend. I enjoyed exploring professional makeup brands at amazing prices for passionate artists like me. As a lover of false lashes, I was especially excited, because I was chosen to try a complete set of eyelash extensions from Xtreme Lashes! They are the global leaders in lash extensions, and their lashes are developed to look like natural eyelashes.

Lash Extension Process

I arrived to The Makeup Show sans makeup per their request. Any makeup on my face would interfere with the lash adherence. The lashes come in three widths: thin, thick and super thick. They also come in lengths from 6 mm. - 17 mm. and various colors for an exact match. Debbie, my professional stylist, chose the black thin lashes. I lay down, and she attached each individual lash with glue near the root of a natural lash. During the process, I did not feel any weight or pain on my lashes. I even took a little nap. It took approximately 1 hour for each eye.




I was told to not get any water on the lashes for 48 hours after application. I used a cleansing wipe to wash my face for those two days. All Xtreme Lashes stylists are professionally trained. After talking with Jo Mouselli, a registered nurse and the founder and CEO of the company, I found she takes great pride on the quality of her products and knowledge of her staff. She even made sure to find a medical grade lash glue that was harmless yet extremely effective.

My lashes look so natural, and they appear longer and thicker. I wash my face and apply makeup as I normally would. After 4 weeks, I can have my lashes touched up.

Compared to drugstore false lashes, these last much longer without the weight of thick, noticeable falsies, irritation of lash glue, and the loss of natural lashes.

The Test

When I arrived home, my 11-year-old nephew said, "I heard you got something done with your lashes." I asked him, "Yes! What do you notice?" After examining my lashes for a few seconds, he replied, "You got the bottom ones taken out." Trent approved! 


Three Days Later

It has been 3 days, and the lashes still feel weightless. I love waking up with beautiful, full lashes that do not require any maintenance. I have not needed to apply mascara for work.

 Thank you so much, Jo and Xtreme Lashes team, for my extensions!

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