Partner Workout Video


Do you usually work out with a friend? I am all about it! I enjoy the company, and a partner makes the workouts more fun! Plus, they push you to do one more rep, spot you during your squat or bench presses, and hold you accountable.

My friend, Yari, contacted me to see, if I was interested in filming a fitness video for her new video series! Of course, I was ALL IN! She is #FITGIRLGOALS! So, I brought up the idea of a partner workout, and we came up with a few of our favorite exercises.

Check out this video of six full body partner exercises that you can try with a friend, your boo, or a family member!


You will definitely work up a sweat, after doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise. Let me know in the comments section below just how much sweat!

If you want to see a few other partner workouts, check out my recap post of my Will You Be My Swolemate? event from Valentine's Day!

Grab a partner, and let's get it in today!


Teresa Thuy