Let's Run Houston!


I recently moved to Houston, Texas from Florida, and I am in awe by the number of vast parks that are at my soles and fingertips! Knowing that these gorgeous masses of green are within reach encourage me to enjoy a swing in the park and run on the trails.


I have explored the nearest parks in my area, and my favorites so far are Discovery Green and Hermann Park. Discovery Green is an urban park in downtown Houston with 12 acres of green to get dirty on, including a lake, an ice rink (during the wintertime), bandstands for live music, and art sculptures. Hermann Park boasts an outdoor concert venue (UH-MAZING!), golf course, museums, gardens, and the Houston Zoo on over 400 acres of land. A little bit of something for everybody!

What's a better way to cover a lot of ground than with a run?


The stretchy, breathable material of my top and bottoms is great for yoga, running, and the gym. With the 'unstinkable' technology of the fabric, I can wear it without worrying about smelling terrible, during my workouts!


TIP! Last year, I visited my local running store, 1st Place Running Sports, where an expert measured the shape and arch of my feet and how I ran. They found me comfortable shoes that gave my feet the amount of support they needed. My shins and and feet no longer hurt, when I run. I highly recommend this test!


Of course, I had to squeeze in some stretches and planks, before I left.

Since you should run at a pace where you can carry a conversation with your friend anyway, grab a partner and enjoy the outdoors! The fresh air is great for your mental (increasing the oxygen flow to the brain, heart, and all of the organs) and physical health. If you can't run, then jog, walk/run, bike, walk, or crawl through the park. Your mind and body will be happy you did. :)

Headband - Urban Outfitters Love these from Etsy! | Tank - c/o Athleta Crunch on sale!  | Capris - c/o Athleta Chaturanga on sale! |Sneakers - Nike Zoom Nike Zoom Structure 18 (love the grey/hyper punch/hyper jade combo!)

Photographer - Toan Nguyen

Sponsored: I received clothing in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


Teresa Thuy