How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims


Hurricane Harvey hit Texas three weeks ago, and it has left over a million displaced and without a home, a car, any belongings, and food.

Our grandmother, or Bà ngoại, lives in an area of Houston that experienced severe flooding. She, our aunt, uncle, and cousins were home, when the water levels started to rise. Our aunt, Bac Hang, runs an after-school, educational daycare at the house. Her niece, Co Dung; her daughter, Phuong, who just started a college engineering program; and our uncle, Cau Tu, who has epilepsy, also live there.

Despite having lost almost everything, their entire home gutted, and their cars flooded, they all remain in high spirits. To no surprise, this is how they always are. They greet everyone with a smile and welcome every obstacle with optimism. They haven't asked for anything, but many friends and family have asked me how they can help. I created the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund for Bà and Family, if you would like to donate directly to them.

Here are a few other ways you can help those in the city:

  1. Mayor Sylvester Turner and County Judge Ed Emmett started the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund for monetary donations that will be distributed by the Greater Houston Community Foundation charity to those in Texas and surrounding states affected by the storm.
  2. With every $1, Houston Food Bank can provide three meals to those without food.
  3. Many families and students of KIPP Houston schools were greatly affected and are in need of food and personal items. 100% of your donations go to the staff members and families that need it the most.

We truly appreciate your concern and everyone's outreach the last few weeks! It will take some time to rebuild their house and get them home again, and your donation will help them out tremendously!!

UPDATE!!! Thanks to all of you, we were able to raise $1215 for Bà ngoại and family! We are extremely touched by your kindness. <3

Thank you so very much!



Teresa Thuy