Palazzo Pants



Helloo, spring!! We welcome you and your long days, patio weather, bike rides, and palazzo pants!! “What kind of pants?” you ask. Think of them as the sweatpants that you can dress up and feel To the Nines in! With its extreme width, it provides airiness and the utmost comfort!


Top – Leith from Nordstrom

Pants – Sugarlips from Dillard’s

Jacket – GAP

Earrings – Liana Paula

Purse –BP from Nordstrom

Photographer – Kristi Hoang

Get outside and enjoy all of spring: the blooming flowers, the chirping birds, and the evening breeze! Making plans to spend plenty of time at the park this weekend with my dog, Elle!


Teresa Thuy

Lace Romper

2.6. tulum

When you combine the best of two worlds, you get this lace maxi skirt (with slits!) over a romper! Bound to make any woman feel gorgeous in it!

2.6. tulum72.6. tulum82.6. tulum 62.6. tulum5

When I saw this outfit, I knew it would be perfect for my beach vacation to Mexico with my boyfriend! I mean… it was the last one, on sale, aaand in my size! (Don’t worry. Nordstrom has plenty in this color and mustard!) Then, I saw this wall adorned with fuchsia flowers, during our daily bike ride to Tulum town. The most beautiful backdrop for this dusty blue romper!

Romper- Beehive Socialite from Nordstrom

Sandals – Old Navy

Photographer – Martin Ruiz

With a close friend in town from Atlanta celebrating her 30th birthday and another enjoying this short break from the books, can’t wait to try new restaurants, see Alicia Keys tonight at the Rodeo, and laugh a lot with my friends!! <3

Make it an awesome weekend!


Teresa Thuy

Off the Shoulder


I am excited to announce that off the shoulder tops are here to stay! Sweaters were seen in shoulder baring styles, and with the imminent Texas-blazing temperatures, this lightweight, cropped top is a great way to transition into spring. Add some edge, like I did, with a faux leather mini. This top is available at Zara, and I linked faux leather mini skirts under $28!


Top – Zara

Skirt – OLD / Forever 21 only $17.90! / ASOS

Boots – Forever 21

Earrings – Chloe Dao Boutique in Rice Village

Bracelet – She.Rise

Photographer – Don Lee at Misun Photography

How will you show off those sexy shoulders?


Teresa Thuy

2.4. tulum34

Travel to Tulum – Day 2: GRAN CENOTE & TULUM BEACH

T U L U M – DAY 2 : G R A N  C E N O T E  &  T U L U M  B E A C H

2.4. tulum32

Welcome to our second day in Tulum! Marty and I were looking forward to a full day in the clearest waters! First stop was Gran Cenote. A cenote occurs when the ground sinks and exposes an underground cave. This cenote is one of thousands in the Yucatán Peninsula and is part of a network of underwater rivers and caves. Before we headed out to Gran Cenote, we made ourselves a smoothie!

2.3 tulum8

Each morning, we blended yogurt, frozen mixed berries, and a banana. If you go to the frozen section of San Francisco de Asis Mart, grab the large bag of frozen fruit that contains six one cup-portioned bags. Each bag was perfect for making smoothies for two. It provided us with plenty of energy for our 23 – 25 minute (2.5 miles) bike ride from our place, that was a few blocks south of Tulum town, to Gran Cenote!

2.4. tulum12

Welcome to Gran Cenote! It cost 300 pesos or about $15 USD/person for entry. Quick reminder of the conversion from my previous post: to convert pesos to USD, I multiplied the amount by $.05 to get the approximate USD amount.

2.4. tulum36

Here is a view of the cave from the top. We took a flight of stairs down to the deck, where you can rent snorkel gear for 60 pesos or about $3 USD, diving gear, and a locker. We recommend getting there in the morning to avoid the crowds.

2.4. tulum4

We explored, before we dove in!

2.4. tulum10

Love the bright colors everywhere!

2.4. tulum8

Made friends with this handsome guy!

2.4. tulum5

Sandals are from Old Navy, and they also come in other colors like black and blush.

2.4. tulum33

True turquoise waters

2.4. tulum18

We were ready to go in! The water temperature was cool, so we stayed moving.

2.4. tulum20

I was excited!! I swam with Marty, fish, and turtles… for almost two hours!

2.4. tulum35

Limestone walls

2.4. tulum22

Stood on a large rock. The floor of the Gran Cenote was almost 33 feet away.


We snorkeled to the other side, where it was shallow.

2.4. tulum17

Goodbye, Gran Cenote!

2.4. tulum37

The chorizo flavored Frit-os at the store inside the park caught my eye. They were tasty!

2.4. tulum38

We rode our bikes back to Tulum town and had lunch at Don Cafeto. Before we ordered our food, our server brought us chips with salsa and a bowl overflowing with spicy pickled jalapeños, carrots, and potatoes! Close friends and family know that I love pickles. I ate most of the pickled goodness, before our meal came out.

2.4. tulum39

More fish and shrimp ceviche!!

2.4. tulum40

Don Cafeto also had live music! One guy beat the bongo drum, while the other sang and played the keyboard. And, the main dish? More seafood, of course! Fish tacos and a margarita for me and skirt steak tacos and two micheladas for him! Our meal was about $32 USD with tip. Back on our bikes!

2.4. tulum41

Tulum Beach!! If you don’t mind the relaxation nor the exercise, I recommend getting around by bicycle! It is encouraged in Tulum. On the way to the beach, we saw small stone pillars with a letter per pillar along the sidewalk that read “Everybody rides bicycles in Tulum”. It took us roughly 20 – 25 minutes to arrive at this gorgeous sight. There were many rocks near the shore on this part of Tulum Beach. Beware: that usually means spiky sea urchins are living on them, so keep your distance.

2.4. tulum43

We rode our bikes back through the beach resort area and stopped at Maria del Mar Hotel. Two free hammocks?! A DJ spinning dance music? This was the spot. Two Miami Vice, please!

2.4. tulum46

Someone likes his hammock a lot.

2.4. tulum44

Not a worry in the world

2.4. tulum47

Clear waters and clear skies

2.4. tulum27

We discovered a vegan ice cream truck on our way back into Tulum town!

2.4. tulum50

All the ice cream is made to order, and you can even mix two flavors! My mango/pineapple and his peanut butter/banana combinations were great! The couple, who owned the shop, used coconut milk to make the ice cream, so it was free of dairy. It also gave the ice cream a slight taste of coconut for a more tropical twist! It cost 100 pesos for both.

2.4. tulum26

Their ride

2.4. tulum48

Fresh and handmade! The ice cream was worth the wait.

2.4. tulum

We rode back home to wash up, pour ourselves a rum & coke, and get ready for dinner.

2.4. tulum59

Our taxi driver, who our Airbnb host recommended, suggested that we try El Camello, Jr. We noticed this place was always packed, whenever we rode our bikes past it! I understand the photo shows otherwise, since it was taken after our late dinner. :)

2.4. tulum51

Pico de gallo and beans for our chips!

2.4. tulum52

Marty added some of the pico de gallo into our guacamole. We had plenty of dips to choose from!

2.4. tulum54

Micheladas for two!

2.4. tulum55

He poured the Sol beers into our glasses of spices, tomato juice, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce with a salted rim and stirring rod dipped in tamarind.

2.4. tulum53

I ordered the octopus in garlic, and he chose the steak. These hefty portions were just what we needed, after our active day!

2.4. tulum58

Happy baby!

2.4. tulum57

Lots of used napkins, barely sipped drink, an empty water bottle, and a clean plate? This is normal.

2.4. tulum56

Our dinner was about $24 USD, before tip. Thank you for a great dinner, El Camello, Jr.!

2.4. tulum60

We walked around, explored a few bars with live music, and discovered many bars with house music. We really liked this band. It had a violinist!

2.4. tulum61

Thank you for another fun day in Tulum, babe! It was filled with my favorites: you, ceviche, music, the beach, biking, and the list goes on! <3

Thank YOU for traveling to Tulum with me! Subscribe to my blog, and you will get notified, when I post our visit to the Mayan ruins and exploration of another gorgeous side of Tulum Beach from days 3 and 4!


Teresa Thuy

LOVE DAY: Lace Embroidered Top + Frayed Hems


Happy Valentine’s or LOVE Day!!!

PSA: Tell the people you love that you care and appreciate them. Of course, this should be expressed every day, but we often get too busy to do these simple things. Today is a reminder to stop, fill our hearts with love, and show(er) our parents, our best friends, our nieces, our fur nephews and babies, our coworkers, our significant other, our siblings… ( the list goes on) with L O V E through small acts: a hug, written note or text, hand-picked flowers, or quality time! Love doesn’t stop there. We can stop by the local animal shelter, nursing home, or homeless shelter and donate our time or goods to those who may never receive any form of love.

All we need is love.

laceshirtfrayedhemjeans7laceshirtfrayedhemjeans21laceshirtfrayedhemjeans2laceshirtfrayedhemjeans11laceshirtfrayedhemjeans5 laceshirtfrayedhemjeans8 laceshirtfrayedhemjeans6

Lace Embroidered Top – Available in Zara stores in this light pink, black, and beige $25.90; Long sleeved version – Zara $15.99

Mini Flare Frayed Hem Jeans – Zara $49.90

Nude Heels – Steve Madden $79.95

Cheetah Print Clutch – Ceri Hoover $225

White Jade Drop Gold Earrings – Liana Paula $75

Gold Crystal Wrap Bracelet – She.Rise $40

Druzy Ring – K.Jones $30

Photographer: Don Lee at Misun Photography

Hope you feel loved today and every day! Let’s shower others with love!


Teresa Thuy

Travel to Tulum – Day 1: SEAFOOD

T U L U M  –  DAY 1 : S E A F O O D

Before I tell you about my amazing trip to Tulum, let me tell you about the person who made the trip possible. On my birthday, Marty surprised me with the (greatest of) news: a getaway to Tulum! I burst into tears. This is a very thoughtful gift for many obvious reasons. Not as obvious reasons: I grew up in Florida living just a few miles from the ocean, so I prefer all outdoor activities in a swimsuit in the water and sand. Secondly, I would eat seafood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, if I could, but, unfortunately, blue crabs and octopus don’t live in the Buffalo Bayou. Lastly, I get to spend an entire weekend with my baby!

2.3 tulum20

My love!!!

So, yes, let’s travel to Tulum! Allow me to fill you in on all the goodness: where to visit, how much to expect to spend, and where to eat!

Where is Tulum?

Tulum is a Caribbean town in the state of Quintana Roo in the country of Mexico. Cancún is the closest international airport to Tulum. Cancún is a 2.5 hour flight from Houston and a 90 minute drive north of Tulum. We had planned on finding a ride with a taxi driver at the airport. Our flight was delayed two hours, due to a mechanical issue on our first plane that caused us to fly back and hop on another plane. Our Airbnb host, Diego, was very helpful throughout our trip and recommended taxi drivers that he knew to get us around. For example, a random taxi driver approached us, while we were outside the airport in Cancún. He offered us a ride for $56 USD/person to Tulum. Diego knew someone that could get us to Tulum for $195 USD round trip! DONE!

Tip: There is no wifi at the Cancún airport, so you may want to figure out transportation (shuttle, rental car, or taxi) in advance. Luckily, Marty had phone service that allowed us to communicate with Diego and our driver. OTHER PRICES: Rental car- $800 pesos/day or about $40 USD/day; Gas – $56.4 pesos/gallon or about $2.82 USD/gallon

Solomon, our driver, was 30 minutes away. No problem! Marty and I ordered two margaritas ($10 USD each) at the Margaritaville stand right outside the airport doors and maaaybe a Miami Vice ($14.50 USD each) inside. They tasted like vacation! These were the most expensive drinks we had all weekend, but we were at the airport. We were ready to hit the road! Solomon asked what music I wanted to listen to in the car, and I quickly responded “bachata!” He played the Romeo Santos station on Spotify, and, lucky me, the first song was “Promise” featuring Usher. A road trip is not complete without singing and dancing in your seats!

2.3 tulum16

Money, money, money

Conversion: $1 Peso (MXN) = $.049 (USD)

We brought $600 USD for this trip and spent exactly that. We exchanged $200 USD at the Cancún airport for $3133 pesos. I would research this prior to my next trip and compare how much the exchange fee is at a bank or ATM, because the airport currency services desk charged us $46 USD.

We received bills and coins. Paper currency comes in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 pesos. Coins come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 pesos. Every place that we went to accepted USD, and most did not accept credit card transactions. We ran out of pesos near the end of our trip. When we paid in USD, establishments would give us change in pesos. To convert pesos to USD quickly, I would multiply the amount by $.05 to get the approximate USD amount.

2.3 tulum13

It was 3 p.m., and we hadn’t had lunch yet. Solomon recommended a place called La Floresta near the highway in Playa del Carmen, which is one hour south of Cancún. This outdoor restaurant had about 20 red tables with red plastic chairs that were almost all taken. Glanced at the menu and saw in bold letters, Ceviche. YESS!!! My favorite. We ordered the shrimp and octopus (pulpo) ceviche, shrimp tacos, and crab tacos. All of that and two waters was $17, including tip!

Back on the road to Tulum!

2.3 tulum9

The walkway to our door

2.3 tulum10

By the infinity pool

2.3 tulum19


2.3 tulum12

This is everything that I packed for our four days. Makeup is in the big pouch, and jewelry is in the small pouch. Not pictured is the chambray button up that I wore on the plane and in the evenings. Weather during the day was in the upper 80’s and upper 60’s in the evenings, and it didn’t rain!

2.3 tulum17

Time to feast! Look at the amount of ceviche! I’ve never had crab tacos, and they were stuffed with crab meat. All the food that we ate in Tulum was delicious, and La Floresta made my favorite salsa!

2.3 tulum6

Time to grab groceries! Tulum town was only 8 blocks away.

2.3 tulum11

Our Airbnb provided 2 bicycles, and we rode them everywhere. This was one of my favorite activities and memories!

2.3 tulum0

We pedaled on the service road through Tulum town.

2.3 tulum15

Súper San Francisco de Asís supermarket was at the edge of town. We purchased bananas ($10.81 pesos), yogurt ($24.95 pesos), and frozen berries (6 cups that were individually wrapped by a cup for $73.50 pesos) to make smoothies for each morning and late afternoon. We also picked up 2 packages of 4 large 32 oz. water bottles ($52 pesos total), Bacardi rum ($169 pesos), and Pepsi ($14.50 pesos).

2.3 tulum5

The seafood feast continues!!

2.3 tulum18

For dinner at La Nave Pizzeria, we had spinach pizza ($6.12 USD), seafood salad topped with squid, octopus, and shrimp ($6.60 USD), two waters ($1 USD each), and fresh lemonade ($1 USD). Dinner was $340 pesos or almost $17 USD, before tip. $20 pesos was the standard tip, but we gave 15-20% in tip.

2.3 tulum3

To the corner market we go! We can’t forgot sunblock ($10 USD) and travel sized toothpaste ($1 USD). We were ready for the beach the next day!

Sunglasses – Ann Taylor | Sandals – Old Navy

Thanks for following me in my travels to Tulum! In Day 2, we swim the beautiful Gran Cenote and Tulum Beach, indulge in more seafood, and discover live music!


Teresa Thuy




Black and Gold


When in doubt…

1. Black it out.

2. Add a plunging neckline.

3. Sprinkle some gold.

Mission Black and Gold : Accomplished.

blackout14blackout blackout8 blackout10 blackout3 blackout19blackout17

Photographer – Lily June Photography

Bodysuit –Express

Jeans – Old Navy

Purse – Express | Similar Target Similar Fossil Similar RM

Heels – Steve Madden

I am so ready for this weekend’s getaway! My boyfriend and I spend most of our weekends working, so it’s nice to spend an entire weekend together. Follow my beach adventure on Instagram!

To everyone that is enjoying the Super Bowl festivities in town this weekend, be safe!


Teresa Thuy