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Choose your To The Nines Shopping adventure:

A) Nutrition - Teresa will educate you with a personalized grocery list and shopping trip. She will show you how to maneuver through a grocery store and what foods to eat and avoid. She will also provide a list of meal ideas for three days.

B) Makeup - Teresa will ask questions to discover what your skin concerns and makeup needs are with a personalized shopping trip. She will go through your makeup and skincare products to recommend the best beauty items for you by suggesting what products to keep, which items to toss, and which products to purchase! She will educate and show you how to use everything (can also be done digitally), before having you apply all the items on your skin yourself. She will provide a skincare and makeup regimen that fits you.

C) Style - Teresa will educate you on the best items to complement and fit your body type, budget, and lifestyle with a personalized shopping trip. She will select stylish items for you to try on and show you the perfect fit for you. She will also share new outfit ideas!

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