By Teresa Thuy

COLOMBIA 2014: DAY 4 – Best of Cali

COLOMBIA 2014: DAY 4 – Best of Cali

The plan for Day 4 was to visit some popular attractions in Cali. As you can see below, these attractions came complete with amazing views.

12.30. colombia33

If my posts of Days 1-3 don’t have you wanting to visit Colombia yet, then read on. Get ready to be entertained!

12.30. colombia200

First on the agenda was Rio de Felidia, or River of Felidia. We had a tough trek to the waterfall at the very top. We tread through slippery rocks and frigid waters. I don’t own water shoes, so this was done in my sandals. Why? I packed everything in one carry-on for a week, so I only brought one pair of dress shoes, tennis shoes, and sandals! I was so proud of myself. 🙂

Now, that we have passed the larger rocks and mud, it was time to tackle the tiny waterfalls and more slippery rocks.12.30. colombia50We are getting closer!

12.30. colombia400I found a rock for me and Diana to climb.

12.30. colombia300

To go over the first big waterfall, we used two fallen branches that someone had marked notches on. Being very steep, we grabbed hold of a cable cord that someone had tied to a stable branch above the waterfall. While grabbing hold of the cord, we pulled ourselves up the larger branch and used the notches on the smaller branch to grip onto with our shoes.

We left our phones behind during this stunt, because we did not want to risk dropping them in the fast flowing waters. I was only four feet away from the top waterfall, but I could not get any closer, due to the pressure of the water falling from such an elevated height and pushing me away. You can’t see a closeup, but it was so beautiful!!

12.30. colombia6 Loc took a break, before he got his feet wet again.

As you can see, Diana and Juan David make this cascading adventure look easy.

12.30. colombia8 Catch ya later, Felidia!

12.30. colombia9 Iglesia de Felidia (Church of Felidia)

12.30. colombia11Check out the mountainside! This is the extra guest room behind the house.

After we washed our clothes with soap and water, we hung them outside on the clothesline to dry.

12.30. colombia12We are ready for another day in paradise!

12.30. colombia13So is Diana!

12.30. colombia16Look at the many stands of people selling goat’s milk and obleas con queso.

Obleas con queso are two thin circular wafers filled with goat cheese, caramel, condensed milk, and blackberry syrup. Very sweet, but the wafers toned the sweetness of the filling down.

12.30. colombia14The roadside chivos, or goats, were “baaaa”-gging us to take them home.

12.30. colombia15Had a small cup of leche de chivo, or goat’s milk, that was put into a blender with brandy. It was frothy and tasted similar to cow’s milk, just a little sweeter with the brandy.

12.30. colombia17Hey, kid!

12.30. colombia19It was difficult saying bye to this face.

12.30. colombia20Terrón Coloreado

12.30. colombia21The colorful street art

12.30. colombia22These bright colors painted the homes of Terrón Coloreado.

12.30. colombia23On our way to the city of Cali, we passed stands of flowers. Colombia is an international mass-producer of these beauties.

12.30. colombia26Sebastián de Belalcázar is the Spanish conquistador that founded the city of Santiago de Cali, or Cali for short, in 1536. A year after the city celebrated its 400th birthday, this statue was built on July 25, 1937. We are pointing to the Pacific Ocean.

12.30. colombia27The view of the city of Cali from atop the Sebastián de Belalcázar hill

12.30. colombia29We passed intricate mountain carvings on our way up to Cristo Rey.

12.30. colombia31A carving of Jesus Christ

12.30. colombia32Yes, more empanadas with ají sauce on top!!!

12.30. colombia34 And, more salpicón! The most refreshing snack of fresh fruit, like bananas, watermelon, pineapple, mango, and papaya, in fruit juice. Someone snapped a photo of me taking a photo of the Western Mountains that does not even look real!

12.30. colombia35This statue of Cristo Rey, or Christ the King, stands 85 feet tall. It was built in 1953 as an homage for peace and a symbol of protection for the locals.

12.30. colombia36From here, we also had the best view of the city of Cali.

12.30. colombia37Next, we went to Loma de la Cruz, or Knoll of the Cross, which had dozens of stands and carts lined with inexpensive, handmade crafts, leather goods, wood carvings, and gifts.

12.30. colombia38Each blue cover had a different seller. I found a leather white bracelet for only 2,000 pesos (or about $1), a wool poncho for $15, and hand carved wood sculptures for my parents for really cheap!

12.30. colombia44There was music playing at the square and food vendors that cut the fruit and made the food right in front of you. So fresh!

12.30. colombia40Salsa swag

12.30. colombia41Ana made bistec sudado, or steak in an onion, tomato, and cumin sauce, with a side of sweet plantains for dinner. Of course, I had seconds.

We had some fun with the masks we purchased that day at Loma de la Cruz! Here is a clip:

I was in awe of Cali’s beauty. Now, can you see why?!

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